6 YouTube Channels To Watch for All Your #Goals


One of the best things about having a sister/sibling is getting to know over time just how similar and how different you are. For instance, the little sis and I both love tuning into new media to learn something new, catch up on news or politics or just pass the time. But we differ in our tastes and sources of media.

A couple months ago, she shared a list of her favorite podcasts. Personally, I think it’s a very well-rounded list. Her favorites range from comedy and politics to health & wellness and living an intentional life. If you haven’t already, I recommend you give it a read.

Now I enjoy a good ‘cast once in a while (think: The Nerdist and Gilmore Guys), but she’s absolutely obsessed with them. My medium of choice, however, is YouTube. And if I really give it some thought, I think that our individual schedules have a lot to do with what and how we consume media. The little sis works from home, and therefore enjoys having her favorites podcasts playing in the background. I spend the better part of my days stalking people on social media (I actually get paid to do this), so I’ve stumbled upon several bloggers/YouTubers/influencers who produce really great content that I keep coming back to when I have spare time.

So in no particular order, here’s a list of my favorites. Yes, the majority of them are women, but as the wise Queen Bey once said – who the run the world…. girls! Nevermind the fact that these folks all managed to make a living and career out of producing their respective channels, so there’s some food for thought:

1. Rawvana – Otherwise known as Yovana Mendoza, and a native of my home city of San Diego, Rawvana is a raw vegan. Translation: a diet consisting of raw fruits, veggies and nuts/seeds. I know. It sounds a bit extreme. And no, I don’t follow a raw vegan lifestyle. Heck, I have a hard time sticking to a balanced diet most of the time. But her YouTube and Instagram channels are major #foodgoals. If you’re looking to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your life, I recommend checking out her videos and recipes. And bonus: she’s one of the few vegan YouTubers also posting content in Spanish.

2. Mimi Ikon – Here’s a silly confession: Mimi quickly became one of my favorite YouTubers largely because she and her husband ran away to London simply because they wanted to. She and her husband were both born in other countries (Azerbaijan and Russia, respectively), raised in Canada and eventually packed up their life and moved to London a few years ago. If you didn’t already know, I’m OBSESSED with London, so that connection was all it really took to get me to notice her. Her content, however, provides a really beautiful mix of inspiration, style, food and travel. If you’re looking for some serious #girlgoals, this is a great channel to browse.

3. Hannah Hart – I give Hannah a lot of respect. She’s an incredibly funny and lovable gal. Her YouTube channel is one of my favorites because her “My Drunk Kitchen” series combines one thing that I also enjoy doing (drinking) with another that I don’t do often enough (cooking). My favorite is her “Gays of Thrones” episode with beauty YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen. Her other lifestyle videos also mimic her style of comedic timing. If I had to sum up her content in a few words, it’s kind of like watching the random thoughts in your head manifest in video form.

4. Annie Jaffrey – Annie was the first beauty YouTuber that I started following online. I found her one night while looking for a green smoothie recipe, and this girl is absolutely gorgeous and super sweet. While her make-up and style content may not be at the top of my preferred list, I’m obsessed with her travel stores – she’s lived all sorts of places (NYC, London, Dubai, Spain and Switzerland). You’d never think from watching her videos, but she battles skin issues like the rest of us, so if you’re looking for natural remedies, she’s your gal.

5. Damon and Jo – 2015 was a MAJOR travel year for me, and Damon and Jo basically added fuel to my wanderlust fire. Two best friends traveling the world on basically a teeny, tinny, little budget. That’s the best way to describe these two. Damon and Jo’s channel is an inspiration for #travelgoals, and with practical advice. Their travel vlogs are a serious indulgence, and they post a lot of practical how-to videos, like how to sleep overnight in an airport (something that nearly almost happened to me 5 years ago in the Newark airport).

6. OMG, It’s Eddie G – Because sometimes you just need some basic comedy. I first started following Eddie when he tweeted about his #EddieGDoesLondon series. A fellow Mexicano in London? That sounded like my own experience living in England five years ago. You may recognize him from his alter-ego, Tiburcio. He does a very solid job of mixing language, traditions and everyday craziness from my culture with comedy and social commentary. If you’re looking for a comedy fix, do yourself a favor and wander on over to his channel. And if you’re looking for some great workout tips, I leave you with this gem.


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