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Shopping Ban Update: the 6 Month Mark


After going almost 6 months, I gave into shopping… sigh.

For anyone new to the blog, at the start of the year I challenged myself to a shopping ban with the hopes of going a whole year. This was done in an effort to save money and to challenge myself to fight my habit of impulse buying. The ban entailed no shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

What Happened?

It happened the last night of my spring quarter classes. After all the final presentations, I made my way over to Target to pick up some items on my shopping list.

I do a really good job of sticking to the items on my shopping list, but I suddenly experienced a moment of Treat Yo’Self after going through a hectic quarter and I quickly found myself in the shoe section of the store.

I walked out with five pairs.

Kidding! I did however end up leaving the store with a pair that sat in their box for over a week. 

The Aftermath

At the start of the ban, I made a promise that I would not beat myself up if I gave into a purchase. That shame is what drives people to do reckless things after trying to challenge themselves. It’s exactly why people binge on food after slipping on a diet or go on a major shopping spree after giving into one small purchase.

It’s important to remind yourself that you’re human and that moments like this should be taken as a learning experience. Try to understand what events or thoughts triggered you to veer off course and find ways to work through those thoughts or actions the next time they creep up.

In addition to this, you can reflect on the experiences you had during your challenge. Throughout my shopping ban, I found a new appreciation for tailors and what they can do to revive the clothes you already have.

Cleaning out your closet may sound counterintuitive to upholding a shopping ban, but it helped me realize that 1) I’m not giving much thought to how I shop for clothes (i.e. giving into any sale or promo code) and 2) with a little creativity, I can put together multiple items with what I already have.


What now?

My new goal is to maintain a minimal wardrobe and, most importantly, to be wise about my purchases. Like an investment, I want to make sure that what I buy will be put to good use and will last a long time. I may even swap something out in place of something new to keep things at bay and not overfill my closet.

Now that I have a list of tailors at hand, I can look to them to give my clothes a makeover. I know how to hem my own pants, but when it comes to shortening sleeves and taking things in from the sides, I’ll leave that to the pros.

I encourage everyone to give it a try, even if it’s for a month. When you least expect it, it will help you to better understand yourself and your mindset much better.

Best of luck!



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