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Let’s Talk Green Beauty – Part 2, Cheeks and Lips


Welcome back folks! This week I’m going over Part 2 of my Green Beauty series, where I share the changes I’ve made to my makeup bag in favor of natural products. In my previous post, I went over the face products I’ve replaced and now I’m diving into my cheek and lip products.

Contour? Yes please! I started getting into it recently and let me say… it is no flippin joke. You’ll quickly realize that the selection is vast.

Cream. Powder. Warm-toned. Cool-toned. Shimmer. Sateen. Matte.

That’s just Bronzer options; don’t get me started on highlighters. Contour products are a bit more difficult to get samples of, so I spent some lengthy time reading and watching reviews online. YouTube came to my rescue on several occasions.

Finding a YouTuber who has the same skin complexion as you helps out tremendously. What looks good on a dry/fair skin person is not going to look the same on an oily/medium skin person, so be sure to find at least one YouTuber with the same skin complexion as you.




Out: Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer (Park Ave Princess)

In: Alima Pure Contour Powder (Sombra)

When finding a natural bronzer alternative, I made the mistake of buying the first reasonably priced bronzer I came across. It was too light of a shade and had a bit of an orange tint that didn’t look favorably on me. What I was in search of was a cocoa brown shade, so it was through one of Teri Myahira’s videos that I came across Alima Pure’s Contour powder. It’s a cool-toned cocoa shade that works well with my color. A little goes a long way, so it’s worth every penny.




Out: BareMinerals READY Blush (The Aphrodisiac)

In: Zuzu Luxe Blush (Sunset) and Lily Lolo Pressed Blush (Burst Your Bubble)

In the past, I was not big on blush because I felt like it would highlight my blemishes, but lately I’ve been warming up to it. Lily Lolo has a good selection of pressed and loose powder blushes, so there’s something for everyone. I went with the Burst Your Bubble color for an everyday rosy color. For days when I wanted a coral flush, I reached for the Zuzu Luxe blush in Sunset. This one works well on days when you want to skip the highlighter since it has some shimmer to it. Their sister company, Gabriel Cosmetics, offers a matte version if that suits you better.




Out: None

In: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Luminizer and Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder (Midnight Reflection)

I received the 100% Pure Luminizer as a gift when I purchased my primer. It took me a while to get used to it because it was my first highlighter and one with a rosy tint. What I like about it is that I can play it off as a light blush or as a highlighter.

Because of the rosy tint, I can’t use it all around my face, so I was in search of a champagne-colored product that I can apply to my nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. When I found out that Honest Beauty was available at Ulta, I made a mad dash to the store. I found the Luminizing Powder in Midnight Reflection to be the perfect color I was looking for. This highlighter provides just the right amount of glow without looking like Tinkerbell kissed your face.



Out: Loreal Colour Riche Privee Collection (Eva’s Nude)

In: 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick (Calypso) and Ilia Lipstick (Femme Fatale)

Lipstick was never my thing since it felt like such a hassle to reapply after eating (and I eat like every two hours). I received a sample of one of the 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil lipsticks and that changed the game for me. When your lipstick is pigmented using pomegranate oil, you know that s**t is going to have some lasting power. Even after eating, my lips are still left with a nice hint of color. While this line does include lighter shades, I highly recommend going with one of the darker shades for an awesome bold lip. The Calypso shade is an awesome red color with a touch of magenta.

After this turning point, I started to look into more lipstick options. I got a sample of the Ilia lipstick in Femme Fatale and instantly fell in love with the dark red (slightly purple) lip color. Ilia Beauty’s strength is their lip products. They offer a good mix of colors and I love their moisturizing effect. I also sampled one of their other red shades titled Strike It Up. This one is a good solid red color with blue undertones.

Lip Crayons


Out: NARS Satin Lip Pencil (Rikugien)

In: Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon (Venice) and 100% Pure Lip Creme Stick (Perfect Naked Mauve)

Lip crayons are a fun twist to traditional lipsticks. Their slim shape make it easy to slip into your pocket or into your small bag when you’re out on the town. They have lasting power without the need for a lip liner. I love the texture of both the Juice Beauty and 100% Pure lip crayons since they’re both moisturizing and highly pigmented. For a nude lip, I went with the Juice Beauty crayon in Venice and for a mauve lip, I went with the 100% Pure crayon in Perfect Naked Mauve. You can always find one of these in my purse at all times.



Out: Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

In: Hurraw! Chapsticks and Yes To Chapsticks

My everyday lip product used to be a tinted chapstick, but now that I’m having so much fun with lipsticks and crayons, I decided to stick to a traditional, colorless chapstick. The Yes To brand of chapsticks is a good place to start. You can find them at Target stores or where other Yes To products are sold and I was very pleased with the Coconut flavored one.

I recently came across the Hurraw! brand and I love, love, love them! So smooth, so moisturizing and the fun part… they come in over 20 different flavors. I’ve purchased the Pitta Balm and Mint flavored ones in addition to the SPF one. Now having tried both SPF chapsticks from Hurraw! and Yes To, I would recommend the Hurraw! one because it doesn’t leave as much of a white tint on your lips.

You’ll notice that my cheek products are all powders. Since my skin is oily, I tend to gravitate towards powder-based products, but I’ve seen some really amazing reviews on cream products that I may look into soon.

Coming up in my next post… eye products! Such an endless array of ideas and looks for such a small area of your face. You know you love it!

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