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Simply Latina is a sister-owned small business.

We are located in Atlanta, GA. SL offers gifts and accessories specializing in eco-friendly scented soy candles with a Latin twist. All of our candle scents are inspired by our Mexican culture, traditions, food, and nature.

Our candle business journey began in 2017, when we realized there wasn't much representation of the Latino culture in the candle industry, besides the traditional "Veladoras Religiosas" that have no scent.

While doing our research, we were shocked to find out, most candles are made using Paraffin (Petroleum) wax. Full of harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause severe health problems. The last thing we wanted was for our customers to burn a candle that might be just as bad as breathing secondhand smoke.

So after learning and testing, we created our first Latin chic candle collection using the most natural, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious ingredients.